Jobs for 15 year olds

No matter how much pocket money they receive, there comes a time when every teenager wants to earn their own money though jobs for 15 year olds are not as easy to come by as they were. Years ago, this meant juggling a paper round or a milk round with school, but with both having rapidly declined, today’s young people need to look elsewhere to snag a job. But what is the law on jobs for 15 year olds?

The Law on Jobs for 15 Year Olds

There are strict rules governing employment of 15 and 16 year olds, that ensure any work is balanced with the statutory attendance at school. There are a number of prohibited industries in which they cannot work, along with strict time controls over the hours worked. Jobs for 15 year olds cannot see them working before 7am or after 7pm on a school day, or during school hours on a day when they should be in school. They also cannot work for more than 2 hours on a school day or for more than 12 hours in a school week. However in a non-school week, they can work for up to 35 hours in a week, and up to 8 hours in a day or on a Saturday. Jobs for 15 year olds must entail only light work also.

What Job Can A 15 Year Old Do?

Jobs for 15 year olds must entail only light work also.

Jobs for 15 year olds must entail only light work also.

Milk and paper rounds are less easy to come by than they were years ago, however jobs for 15 year olds still exist. Because of the issues over working times, some employers may be reluctant to take on younger people, however they are cheaper to employ as they’re not eligible for the National Minimum Wage, so a job search may be better undertaken in person that through the internet or local newspaper. Enquiring at local small businesses, such as cafes or shops may be a good place to start when looking for jobs for 15 year olds. Hairdressers are another possible workplace, along with kennels or stables. Pubs and bars may also be after staff for just a few hours in the evening to collect and wash glasses, though of course this may be one workplace that parents are less comfortable with.

Another option may be to take a work from home job, such as tasks that can be done on the internet, inputting data or writing articles, though look out for scams. The work experience gained in jobs for 15 year olds should stand them in good stead when applying for their next job, as well as some extra pocket money.

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